For Sale: 2007 Award Winning Colorado Speed

2007 Colorado Speed Luxury Auto (1)

This one-of-a-kind performance truck was built in partnership with General Motors & dozens of sponsors to produce a 1000+HP machine that is as powerful as it is beautiful.

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Martin Barkey, phone: 888-569-6005 or by email:

An exercise in technical & engineering expertise, Colorado Speed contains a who’s who list of the best performance parts:

  • Custom built LSX motor by Livernois Motorsports with LSX heads & custom ground cam
  • ATI F1 ProCharger intercooler
  • BS&B custom dual rads & cooling system with Mezier inline water pump.
  • Aeromotive Eliminator fuel pump and Precision Turbo 95lb injectors.
  • 94mm Big Mouth throttle body
  • Big Stuff 3 engine management system
  • Tremec 6 speed transmission
  • Vintage Air custom air conditioning
  • Autometer gauges throughout
  • American Auto Wire Highway wiring system
  • Cobra carbon seats with racing harness
  • Hydratech hydraulic braking system
  • US Brakes all around with rear hydraulic hand braking system for drifting
  • Forgeline custom wheels
  • Mickey Thomson tires (31”X14” in the rear)
  • Sprint Truck rear suspension with AFCO coil over springs
  • ACT custom built front suspension.
  • 9” Mosier axles
  • Eaton Detroit True Trac differential
  • Chrome Moly sway bars
  • Custom body panels & paint by Rene Parent
  • Custom built roll cage integrated into the chassis for superior rigidity

As a show vehicle appearing at automotive venues like SEMA & Performance World, Colorado Speed won several awards including Pro Touring Class Champion, Best Engine Overall, Best Truck Engine, and several more.

This is a wonderful opportunity for a collector or automotive enthusiast to own this truly unique and highly desirable vehicle.

First Images from SEMA Show 2012

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The worlds largest aftermarket automotive show began today in Las Vegas. With no shortage of amazing cars here are just a few of the top pictures of day one.

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Photo Gallery of the Savini Styling Group SEMA Party 2011

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SEMA Show 2011 130 585

We know the cliché “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” but we had to share these photos of the Savini Styling Group SEMA Party 2011. Special Thanks to Savini for allowing Luxury Auto Direct to be apart of this great event. Enjoy the pics!

SEMA Show 2011 Photo Gallery from Day 2 featuring over 100 photos

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SEMA Show 2011 018 585

Day 2 of show coverage from Luxury Auto Direct featuring over 100 photos. Every where you turn you can be assured of seeing something that will take your breath away. Enjoy the pictures!

First Photos of SEMA Show 2011

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SEMA Show 2011 229

The highly anticipated 2011 SEMA Show has begun. Here are some of the first images for Luxury Auto Direct. We will be covering the show all week so check back for additional pictures and coverage.

Ford Mustang Drifting Video at SEMA Show Test Track

Check out this awesome video we shot at the SEMS Show Test Track. The line was long for an opportunity to ride along with the Ford professional drivers but worth it for the lucky ones. The track is a definite crowd pleaser.

Rumor has it the drivers ran the whole day without so much of a scratch put on the Mustangs. Which is pretty impressive considering that last turn.

First Images from SEMA Show in Las Vegas

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Luxury AutoDirect SEMA 2010 027

The 2010 SEMA Show , the largest after market show in the world, began today. Here are some of the first photos, with many to follow.

The  Ferrari 458 Italia in the Forgiato Wheels booth is a work of art. Luxury Auto Direct Magazine spoke with the AC from Forgiato and we hope to feature this car in an upcoming issue.

CEC which was featured on the cover of Luxury Auto Direct Magazine’s Issue 25 had an impressive display of their current 2010 wheels as well as their upcoming 2011 line.

Keep checking these photos were just the beginning.

Images from SEMA Show Part 2

2009 SEMA LuxuryAuto043 584

American muscle cars are definitely dominating the landscape at the 2009 Sema Show in Las Vegas. I think I have seen every conceivable modification that can possibly be done to Chevrolet’s Camaro, Dodge’s Challenger and Ford’s Mustang. Overkill…perhaps but still amazing.

Below is part 2 of the photo gallery. Enjoy!


First Images of the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas

2009 SEMA LuxuryAutoDirect038 584

The 2009 SEMA Show , the largest after market show in the world, began today. Here are some of the first photos, with many to follow I promise you.

The custom Lamborghini Gallardo in the GH Wheels booth is a work of art. Luxury Auto Direct Magazine spoke with the owner and we hope to feature this car in an upcoming issue.

The Pagani Zonda R in the Pirelli display was attracting crowds as soon as the doors opened. With the horse power to do 0-60 in less than 2.7 seconds, this car not only has the looks but the performance of the world’s finest exotics.

Gila Wheels which was featured on the cover of Luxury Auto Direct Magazine’s October/November ’09 issue had an impressive display of there current 2009 wheels as well as their upcoming 2010 line.

Keep checking these photos were just the beginning.

Drop-Top Revenge R/T Challenger is Ready for Vegas Baby!

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With the International Motor Show taking place this week, leaked photos and debuts from Frankfurt are common place. Here is the first of 2009 SEMA Show photos to be released. is proud to be the first to get our hands on the images of the “Drop-Top Revenge” R/T Challenger by Droptop Customs (A division of Convertible Builders, LLC) that will make its debut at the 2009 SEMA Show. If it is anything like its 2008 sister car which won the Chrysler Design Excellence Award, it will be the Crown Jewel of the 2009 SEMA Show taking place in November at the Las Vegas Convention Center .

2009 represents a year of financial turmoil that spread like a wild fire across the globe. Chrysler, not unlike many other organizations was not immune to the chaos and soon joined GM as both giants were ushered by our Congress into bankruptcy. With a change of leadership and forced intervention by the US Government, Chrysler reorganized and quickly moved out of bankruptcy. Those faithfully following the recently reintroduced Challenger saw rumors of introducing a 2009 convertible crushed and the masses watched intently for signs of Dodge pulling out of further production and ending what will likely be this generation’s last great pony car war. Instead, America and the rest of the world got a glimpse of better times and witnessed the resurrection of a Mopar icon!!

Special ordered from the Brampton factory by Chrysler of Cortland, N.Y,  Drop Top Revenge represents 1 of only 450, Deep Water Blue Pearl, 2009 Challengers built with a 6 speed manual Tremac  transmission. The basic design that comprised the early Project N96 concept actually occurred months before the order was placed.

Using scrap paper during hospital visits and later, the time associated with the many sleepless nights that followed a life threatening motorcycle accident; from the Shaker Hood and the custom graphics, to the Hurst Shifter the intent up to this point was to bring back the Classic look of a 1970 Dodge Challenger, with an eye for new and modern electronic technology. 

As a S.E.M.A. attendee for numerous years, the research associated with building Project N96 brought forth a certain show stopping car that won the Chrysler Design Excellence Award and had become the talk of the 2008 show.  It was a Snake Green Creation that the Chrysler Corporation commissioned to be built by a company called Coach Builders Limited (now called Drop Top Customs) A company who has the reputation of being the oldest convertible conversion company that specializes in OEM look, fit, and finish. This car was also featured in the February/March 2009 issue of Luxury Auto Direct Magazine.

What happened to this award winning show machine? After S.E.M.A. this car was quietly scrapped by the Chrysler Corporation! 

And so the final piece of the build fell in place…to cut a perfectly good roof from the car…and re-create the legendary look of the Dodge Challenger Convertible!  The factory order was changed….the car was re-routed to Gainesville Florida instead of to his hometown dealership in Cortland.  Having flown down to Gainesville to witness the first “cut”, here this build took its second and final turn!  Hidden in the corner of the shop, under cover and away from prying eyes…the wheels!   The wheels that were from the Original Drop Top Convertible of the 2008 S.E.M.A. show car.  They sat on a pallet.  You see, Chrysler did not own the wheels…so they were saved from the crusher! 

It was decided then, between the owner and the builder, that this was to be more than a convertible, this would become a tribute to a car whose life ended just as it had begun to live.
The Foose Challenger Classic “shoes” and the addition of Snake Skin Green highlights as well as the custom Katzskin Leather Seats are a tribute to the “Big Brother” of this little Hemi that there is nothing little about.

The addition of Green Halo effect lighting creates an effect that catches onlookers by surprise.  As though it stirs from within.

As though something lives within it.  Perhaps the spirit of Drop Top has been re-awakened.

This vehicle represents all muscle car enthusiasts who are aware of the story of Drop Top,  and it fills their need for…..REVENGE!

Photography and Graphics by Eyespike Design